Fraunhofer IAO Team visited Ankara Pilot

Cansu Öztaş and Rebecca Litauer from the Fraunhofer IAO team visited the Ankara pilot on 8-9 September. The pilot area was visited with the Fraunhofer team, which was welcomed by Melis Selbes, Kadir Yamer and Yılmaz Oğuzhan Demir from Belka, Suna Akbayır and Esra Sunker (Artech Consulting) from Artech Consulting. Talking to the drivers one-on-one, their thoughts on the project were asked.

“Ankara is a very specific case in its structure and not comparable to the other cities.”

Rebecca Litauer.

“The enormous number of parking spaces to digitize makes it more difficult for Ankara than Paris, Vic or Argentauil.” “With the S+LOADZ project the municipality also tries to end the dangerous parking situation(s) in the loading zones, which means not only a change of technology and organization but also a change of the culture within the market.”

Cansu Yapıcı-Öztaş.

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