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• Project Design (Ideation, Structuring)
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• Introduction to Grant Programs
• Ideation to Project Design
• Proposal Writing
• “Coordinator” Mentoring Program in Collaborative Projects


• Project Management
• PCA and Grant Agreement Legal Support
• Reporting & Project Audit Simulation
• IPR Management

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• Communication - Dissemination Strategy and Plan Management
• Ecosystem Analysis
• Communication Activities management


Cyber Factory

CyberFactory#1 aims to design, develop, integrate and demonstrate a set of keys enabling capabilities to foster optimization and resilience of the Factories of the Future (FoF). It will address the needs of pilots from Transportation, Automotive, Electronics and Machine manufacturing industries around use cases such as statistical process control, real time asset tracking, distributed manufacturing, and collaborative robotics.


Bio-curity is driven by innovations in "enhanced detection", "artificial intelligence" and "secure ecosystem". Bio-curity will focus on developing digital biomarkers targeting low-grade inflammation and vascular health using new and existing sensor technology. The project will develop personalized and explainable artificial intelligence models and algorithms that can identify user-specific biomarker responses and behavior patterns. Additionally, a trustworthy ecosystem will be provided around the user for processing and sharing health data, as well as creating personal models based on continuous data streams.



City Logistics have always been a strategic key activity for cities, which have become more apparent in the current scenario of both the COVID19 pandemic and the climate emergency which the EU addresses through the Green Deal. The main project’s objective is to demonstrate state-of-the-art innovation and achieved impacts by evaluating several types of digital Loading and Delivery Zonesin different countries, cities, and on-street scenarios to assess the best legal, operational, and technical approaches to make City Logistics more sustainable, and highly scalable in Europe.

The dısruptıng MaaS MOOC (A Massıve Open Onlıne Course)


The disrupting MaaS MOOC (A Massive Open Online Course ) is designed to enhance the skills of professionals working in the MaaS ecosystem, in order to facilitate a comprehensive and successful implementation of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in cities across Europe and around the World. The course will cover the key aspects of MaaS from theory to practice. It will feature speakers from the MaaS industry, academic speakers and it will also feature real case studies. The course will be available for free online for anyone to enrol, and the students will have the option to receive a certificate for a small fee.

Safe Rescue

Safe Rescue is an emergency management system for search and rescue teams, aiming to create infrastructure-less indoor positioning and communication system. Project aims to save the lives of victims and first responders by enabling emergency dispatchers to track, locate, and direct teams to rescue at-risk/down personnel during

Dıstıngo: RECONFIGURABLE SMART LOCKERS – DISTrıbuteurs INtellıGents recOnfıgurables

Distingo project aims to create a new generation of locker distribution systems which systems, which are simple, easy to use, smarter and dynamically reconfigurable. The lockers can be used to store, distribute or share items of any kind, and will be dynamically associated with specific services and functions depending on their content, but also user and system operator uses and requirements.


IS4SE project aims to create a technological infrastructure capable of integrating different types of sensors for monitoring steel sheet production lines. This infrastructure will collect, process and analyze data, allowing its visualization through augmented reality (AR) devices, after being processed by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The use of this solution will allow to increase productivity and process safety in the Steel sector.


BENTRADE aims to provide platform and smart services to: Decrease dependence on commodity electricity and disseminate use of RES – Renewable Energy Sources; Create distributed energy asset owners; Balance demand and response at the grid level; Reduce risks of failure and cyber-attacks by distributed model.


IODATE is an improvement of an existing product/process that can be adapted to all logistics operations in different production fields. Existing products cannot solve end-users' problems due to high noise, metallic reflections, and high installation costs. IODATE aims to solve this problem by combining suitable technologies that focus on automation, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The solution developed through IODATE is expected to have a wide range of applications in all other industry fields as it will enable a robust system to work in environments with a low signal-to-noise ratio.



CLEANERGY is a solution to the above challenges based on a docking system for e-scooters providing a secure place to park and keep the helmet in an off-grid and 100%clean energy (well to wheel) as it includes solar pavement.


DAIS project will strengthen Europe’s position by putting European values at the core of the ECS components that will shape this new era – self- organization, privacy by design and low use of energy – and delivering the technology needed to protect these values.

SEEM-SI (Smart Energy-EffIcIent Manufacturıng System for Steel Industry)

The aim of this project is to apply emerging technologies like edge computing and machine learning to the management process of the steel industry to decrease one of the main components in energy resources for manufacturing.

NGA-ITMS (Next Generatıon Autonomous Intellıgent Traffıc Management System)


Next Generation Autonomous Intelligent Traffic Management System (NGA-ITMS) Project aims to develop new sensors which will provide the missing data related to traffic flow by enabling real time traffic management aided by artificial intelligence combined with the features of autonomous vehicles in Turkey & Argentina.

IEoT(Intellıgent Edge of Thıngs)

The Project will integrate Artificial intelligence (AI) into edge computing frameworks to build intelligent edge for dynamic, adaptive edge maintenance and management and utilise the full potential of each tier of the IoT Edge architecture to meet different application requirements.

5gMed: Sustaınable 5G deployment model for future mobılıty ın the Medıterranean Cross-Border Corrıdor

5GMed will demonstrate advanced Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) and Future Railway Mobile Communications System services (FRMCS) along the “Figueres – Perpignan” cross-border corridor between Spain and France.

Home of Thıngs

The objectives of the Home of Things (HoT) project therefore are to extend SAREF to other domains, and to create an ecosystem of consumer-oriented IoT platforms, using SAREF as a common model.


SMARTPOL aims to present a novel and compact pollution detection, monitoring and analysis system architecture in order to monitor marine fields and to detect different types of marine pollution consisting of hardware and software

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Artech has a fully dedicated team that provides the stakeholders a professional technology development and management services with a strong network of reliable and professional ecosystem in relevant domain. Artech consists of professionals with scientific and academic excellence (PhD, MBA) and relevant business experience in translating this into commercial products and applications. The team members have 15+ years of technology transfer, international project development and management; also, project evaluation experience supported by European Commission (EC) and other funding agencies in the area of cutting-edge technologies and early-stage R&D collaboration. (Mainly European Union Innovation and Research Programs such as Horizon Europe, Horizon2020, ECSEL, CelticNext, ITEA – Eureka, Eurostars and ERA-NET Projects).


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